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At 25, Millicent was ready to spend the rest of her life with her love interest. While she looked forward to the wedding joyfully, she was more excited about what lay ahead of them beyond the day’s event.

The simple reason was because despite the fact that Mill as she was fondly called had been in a few relationships in the past, they had been nothing quite like this one.

This relationship was so life transforming it changed the way she thought, spoke, behaved, and lived. The more time she spent knowing and understanding her love interest, the better her approach to life issues and people became.

Everyone who knew Mill knew that everything about her had changed for the better as a result of this new relationship. The transformation was so evident, it made others want to have a similar experience.

This is what spending time with and understanding the word of God does in the life of an individual. It gives you an origin-to-destiny perspective of life and
provides the spiritual GPS that helps you navigate through the whole spectrum moment by moment.

The Bible helps you understand the person of God and his plans. It also helps you understand who you are and how you feature in God’s master plan.

God desires to have a more intimate relationship with you. He wants you to spend quality time with his word today and watch it find meaning and expression in your life.

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